Biochemical Characterization and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of Novel alpha-Conotoxins Isolated from the Venom of Conus consors.
Favreau, P., Krimm, I., Le Gall, F., Bobenrieth, M.J., Lamthanh, H., Bouet, F., Servent, D., Molgo, J., Menez, A., Letourneux, Y. and Lancelin, J-M.  Biochemistry 38: 6317-6326 (1999).

Two novel alpha-conotoxins, alpha-CnIA (major) and alpha-CnIB (minor), of 14 and 12 amino acids, respectively, purified by HPLC from the venom of the fish-hunting cone snail Conus consors.

Conotoxin                   Sequence
  CnIB               CCHPACGKYYSC*

  MI               GRCCHPACGKNYSC*

alpha-CnIA and alpha-CnIB are very similar in structure to alpha-conotoxin-MI (from C. magus). alpha-CnIA has a Tyr (Y) in position 11, instead of the Asn (N) in alpha-MI. alpha-CnIA and CnIB possess the three/five loop structure of conotoxins GI, GIA, GII, MI, SI, SIA, and SII (alpha3/5 subclass).