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Alphabetized list of some conus peptides in PIR with the entry code identifiers
PIR:A59045  	alpha-conotoxin AuIA - cone shell (Conus aulicus)
PIR:B59045  	alpha-conotoxin AuIB - cone shell (Conus aulicus)
PIR:C59045  	alpha-conotoxin AuIC - cone shell (Conus aulicus)
PIR:A58963  	alpha-conotoxin CnIA - cone shell (Conus consors)
PIR:A58963  	alpha-conotoxin CnIB - cone shell (Conus consors)
PIR:A58589  	alpha-conotoxin EI - cone shell (Conus ermineus)
PIR:A59042  	alpha-conotoxin EpI - cone shell (Conus episcopatus)
PIR:A01782  	alpha-conotoxin GIA - cone shell (Conus geographus)
PIR:A01783  	alpha-conotoxin GII - cone shell (Conus geographus)
PIR:A53709  	alpha-conotoxin ImI - cone shell (Conus imperialis)
PIR:A01784  	alpha-conotoxin MI - cone shell (Conus magus)
PIR:A59046  	alpha-conotoxin MII - cone shell (Conus magus)
PIR:A54877  	alpha-conotoxin PnIA - cone shell (Conus pennaceus)
PIR:B54877  	alpha-conotoxin PnIB - cone shell (Conus pennaceus)
PIR:A28953  	alpha-conotoxin SI - cone shell (Conus striatus)
PIR:A40312  	alpha-conotoxin SIA - cone shell (Conus striatus)
PIR:A44379  	alpha-conotoxin SII - cone shell (Conus striatus)

PIR:A58647  	alphaA-conotoxin PIVA - cone shell (Conus purpurascens)

PIR:A58511 bromocontryphan precursor - cone shell (Conus radiatus) PIR:A58512 bromosleeper peptide - cone shell (Conus radiatus)

PIR:A05168 conantokin G - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:A35225 conantokin T - cone shell (Conus tulipa) PIR:A28495 conopressin G - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:B28495 conopressin S - cone shell (Conus striatus) PIR:A58586 conotoxin MrVIA - cone shell (Conus marmoreus) PIR:B58586 conotoxin MrVIB - cone shell (Conus marmoreus) PIR:A55430 conotoxin NgVIA - cone shell (Conus nigropunctatus) PIR:S12514 conotoxin Tx-KK1 precursor - cone shell (Conus textile) PIR:S12515 conotoxin Tx-KK2 precursor - cone shell (Conus textile)

PIR:A59043 contulakin G precursor - cone shell (Conus geographus)

PIR:A55891 delta-conotoxin GmVIA - cone shell (Conus gloriamaris) PIR:A58651 delta-conotoxin PVIA precursor - cone shell (Conus purpurascens) PIR:S19619 delta-conotoxin TxIB - cone shell (Conus textile) PIR:S12513 delta-conotoxin TxVIA precursor - cone shell (Conus textile) PIR:A58175 delta-conotoxin TxVIIA - cone shell (Conus textile) PIR:A59044 epsilon-conotoxin TxIX - cone shell (Conus textile) PIR:A58997 kappa-conotoxin PVIIA - cone shell (Conus purpurascens)

PIR:MXKN1 mu-conotoxin GIIIA - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:MXKN2 mu-conotoxin GIIIB - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:MXKN3 mu-conotoxin GIIIC - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:A31043 mu-conotoxin GS - cone shell (Conus geographus)

PIR:NTKN6G omega-conotoxin GVIB precursor - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:A43620 omega-conotoxin GVIIA - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:B43620 omega-conotoxin GVIIB - cone shell (Conus geographus) PIR:JH0700 omega-conotoxin MVIIA - cone shell (Conus magus) PIR:JH0701 omega-conotoxin MVIIB - cone shell (Conus magus) PIR:JH0699 omega-conotoxin MVIIC precursor - cone shell (Conus magus) (fragment) PIR:A58537 omega-conotoxin MVIID precursor - cone shell (Conus magus) (fragment) PIR:B44379 omega-conotoxin SVIA - cone shell (Conus striatus) PIR:C44379 omega-conotoxin SVIB - cone shell (Conus striatus)

PIR:A58999 psi-conotoxin PIIIE - cone shell (Conus purpurascens)

PIR:A58512 venom heptapeptide - cone shell (Conus imperialis)

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