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  • Detection of the Prey
  • Injection of the Venom
  • Composition of the Venom
  • The Venom

    Conotoxin action
    • Sites of action and specificity
    • the voltage-gated ion channels
    • the ligand-gated ion channel
    Revenge of the Killer snails
    • Non-fatal envenomations
    • Fatal envenomations
    Reprieve of the Killer snails Radio Marinara
    - Audio Dr. Bruce Livett is interviewed by Station 3RRR Melbourne.  

    The Australian Cone Shell Collection (under construction)

    The Gallery of Coneshells (from our collection)

    Collection of Coneshell Stamps
    Comprehensive List of Cone Shells on Stamps provided by Tom Walker

    See also "Shells on Stamps". There are over 5080 stamps figured, 1600 details highlighted. You can search by country, by theme, family, species etc... Each stamps is documented (when you click on it). This database has been compiled by the philatelist Tom Walker, Great Britain, who also supplied the information for the Cone Shells on Stamps on this web site. Box Office "Movies"


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