SHELLING TOURS - Victoria, Australia

Source: CONCH-L Mailing List, November 1997
reported by Lynn Scheu, Louisville, KY
Date:         Sat, 15 Nov 1997 16:26:18 -0600
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From: Lynn Scheu <amconch@IX.NETCOM.COM>
Subject:      Australian Tours

I have received a note from Eddie Beulke, P.O. Box 591, Morwell, Victoria,
Australia 3840 tucked into his club newsletter, Phasianella.. Eddie says
people might be interested in a trip he is publicizing in their S. Gippsland
Shell Club newsletter (that's in Victoria) about shelling tours. It's too
late to get it in the December American Conchologist, but on Conch-L it's
never too late.

"A bus tour company, Cockatoo Tours of Broken Hill, has organised and
unorganised tours that will go where the clients wish to go. Whilst in
Broken Hill, Eddie discussed with the operator the possibility of a
shellers' tour, either south or east coast, stopping at pre-arranged
overnight destinations but able to stop anywher eon request through the days.

"Tours can be arranged to suit tides and preferred places, a minimum of
eight people, maximum 20. Accomodation would be at motels, caravan parks and
some shearers' quarters, meals prepared by the dirver and co-driver while we
are busy on the beaches. Cost for meals and accomodations would be approx.
$80 per day with shared accomodation to cut costs. Similar tours would cater
for photographers, gem-collectors and fossil hunters. Contact Eddie Beulke."

Sounds rustic and fun. So somebody go for me. I'm stuck here behind this
desk for eternity!  Drop Eddie a note if you are interested and if you have
ideas about where to stop. Your note will have to be snail mail
tho...Eddie's not online yet.

Eddie Beulke, P.O. Box 591, Morwell, Victoria,
Australia 3840

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