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Predator: The Movie Clip

Predator: The Movie Clip

Animated .GIF (475K) extracted from .AVI movie
AVI Size: 3773K
Duration: 49 second clip
  • 00:00 Predatory cone shell (Conus textile) with siphon up moves over a small mollusc pinning the mollusc with its foot. Note the extended black and white banded siphon, and extended red proboscis coming out of the mouth.
  • 00:05 Cone shell turns the mollusc towards it with its foot.
  • 00:10 Cone shell uses its proboscis to probe for the soft underbelly of the target mollusc..
  • 00:20 Cone shell pushes its proboscis into the opening in the mollusc.
  • 00:25 Envenomation: Cone shell fires its venomous barb. Some venom visible in water.
  • 00:35 Cone shell turns mollusc towards its mouth and "beds down" on it again.
  • 00:43 Envenomates a 2nd time. note the puff of white toxin in the tank water.

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