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Cones with Unknown Eating Habits:

If you can help identify the Type, please mail me.

(* Type p=piscivorous, v=vermivorous, m=molluscivorous)

Conus Species *Type Conus Species *Type
C. achatinus   C. novaehollandiae  
C. advertex   C. nusatella  
C. angasi   C. queenslandis  
C. betulinus   C. rufimaculosus  
C. coccineus   C. sanguineus  
C. cyanostomus   C. sculletti  
C. illawarra   C. taitensis  
C. lischkeanus   C. tenuigranulata  
C. lizardensis   C. terebellum  
C. maltzanianus   C. viridis  
C. nanus   C. wallangara  
C. nielsenae      

Kirsty Rolls and Bruce Livett, September, 1996

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