Conus marmoreus

This is a postcard of an etching by Rembrandt (1606-1669) of Conus marmoreus, beautiful but appears as the sinistral rather than as the dextral configuration. Note that Rembrandt managed to sign his autograph in the mirror image so that it appears normally, but did not do so for shell. The lip of the cone should turn the other way (ie. dextral). It is most unlikely that he would have had a sinistral specimen for etching.


Source: Museum Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam. The shell (Conus Marmoreus) 1650 Etching, drypoint and burin, state II (3), 97 x 132 mm. Card B159.

The original etching is available on the web at the Museum het Rembrandthuis || online

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