Neurex SNX-111 in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Caused by AIDS; Early Results Promising

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Business Wire (03/11/96)

Neurex Corp. has announced the promising results of treating two patients with HIV-related neuropathic pain with SNX-111, a calcium channel blocker. Both patients had failed opiate treatment, but responded well to initial treatment with SNX-111. Severe neuropathic pain, which is thought to be caused by the HIV infection invading the nervous system, is a common clinical problem, and not easily treated. The company added that it needs to confirm the response in controlled studies.

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I notice that the comapany has several products on Phase III or IV stage. Anyone know why the

stock has fallen down from its 52 week high $23 to current $17 recently.

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"Neurex Launches Phase III Program for SNX-111 for severe pain in patients with cancer or AIDS"

Business Wire (01/16/96)

Neurex Corporation announced on Tuesday the start of Phase II/III clinical trials of SNX-111--an N-type neuron specific calcium blocker--for the treatment of severe pain in patients with cancer or AIDS. According to Paul Goddard, chairman and CEO of Neurex, "Results to date suggest that patients who are resistant to opioid therapy respond to SNX-111 therapy with significant reduction or elimination of pain symptoms." SNX-111 is being developed to work in conjunction with Medtronic's SynchroMed implantable pump for direct administration into spinal cord fluid. Trials of SNX-111 as a treatment for chronic, non-cancer pain and for the prevention of brain damage following head trauma or stroke are also in progress or are slated to begin this year.

AMEX News - size 3K - 26 Apr 96


NEW YORK, March 5, 1996 -- The American Stock Exchange today announced it will trade options on the over-the counter stocks of Neurex Corporation (stock/option symbol: NXCO/QNX) and Oncogene Science, Inc. (stock/option symbol: ONCS/QON) beginning Wednesday, March 6.

Based in Menlo Park, California, Neurex Corporation is a developer of products for the treatment of neurological and cardiorenal diseases. The Company plans to enter into relationships to develop chronic treatment products and market its acute care treatment products to U.S. hospitals.

If you would like more information, please contact Arda Nazerian, Director, Media Relations,

(212) 306-1634.

The Daily Earnings Report

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Now for another summary of the Neurex research.

This one by Du Pont, in a series called Pulse of the Planet !!

Original at : - size 2K - 2 Apr 96

Program #1228 SNAIL MEDICINE - Brain Cells

Cone snails prey upon fish by injecting them with a paralyzing venom. The venom may be deadly to fish, but a component of it may turn out to be quite helpful to people. I'm Jim Metzner, and this is the Pulse of the Planet.

(ambience) Electrical Activity of Nerve Cells

That's the sound of electrical activity in a human nerve cell. Scientists at Neurex in Menlo Park, California are measuring the nerve cells' response to various components of the snail venom. George Miljanich is the director of biochemistry at Neurex. "We have in isolation nerve cells on a microscope and we're looking the microscope as we impale the cell with electrodes. The purpose of the electrodes is twofold. One is to stimulate the cells as if they were still part of a nervous system, the human nervous system, and the second purpose is to record the electrical activity as a result of that stimulation, as if they were being stiimulated in a real nervous system. And then we apply the various drugs that we're testing to see how they affect that stimulation, the level of activity of the cells."

One snail-derived drug, called SNX111, is being tested in humans for its potential as a pain killer. "SNX111 works by blocking proteins in the nervous system called calcium channels. Calcium channels are required for synaptic transmission, that is, for the nerve cells to talk to each other and activate each other. By blocking calcium channels and suppressing synaptic activity, the system is suppressed, its activity is lowered, and many physiological effects can ensue from that."

In addition to easing pain, Dr. Milljanich says the drug may be able to protect brain cells after a head injury, or possibly even after a stroke.

Pulse of the Planet is presented by DuPont, makers of better things for better living.

BIOTECH BRIEF Vol 16 No 9. Date Published - Dec 20, 1995. RESEARCH & BIOMEDICINE BRIEFS.


What's wanted for severe, intractable pain is an analgesic as powerful as morphine but without the side-effects of opiates. Scientists at Neurex Corp think they have a candidate in SNX-111, a peptide based on conotoxin, from the venom of a marine snail. The substance blocks N-type, neuron specific, voltage sensitive calcium channels.

In a small trial (Ph I/II, seven patients), patients suffering with severe pain from cancer or neuropathic pain who had failed all other pain therapy, including intraspinal opiates, six of the seven responded symptomatically in the dose escalation phase, and four went into long-term treatment and were maintained on the drug essentially symptom free for periods of up to eight months. Based on these results, the company says it will initiate a controlled study with SNX-111 for the treatment of severe cancer pain in the near future.

Announced at the American Pain Society Meeting in Los Angeles by W Brose, Director of the Pain Clinic at Stanford University.

Source: Neurex, Nov 13, 1995.

Stock markets report the acquisition of Creagen, Inc. by Neurex Corporation,


Neurex Corp. (NXCO), Menlo Park, Calif.

Product: SNX-111 neuron-specific calcium channel blocker

Indication: Prevent brain damage after closed head trauma, and coronary bypass surgery

Status: FDA lifted the hold placed on NXCO's Phase II trials due to recumbent hypotension that had been occurring with intravenous administration in these indications. The protocol has been revised to include having fluid replacement and pressor agents ready, and to create a safety review board.

Neurex Corporation

3760 Haven Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025

CEO: Paul Goddard


Diagnose & treat diseases of nervous system & body

Program #1227 SNAIL MEDICINE - Biodiversity

For thousands of years, people have derived medicines and cures from plants and animals. And one of the latest creatures to offer humans a new pharmaceutical formula is the cone snail. I'm Jim Metzner, and this is the Pulse of the Planet.

George Miljanich is with Neurex, a company in Menlo Park, California that developing a drug called SNX111.

"SNX111 orginally derived from the venom of sea snails and those snails have evolved a mechanism to paralyze their prey with this venom by injecting it. SNX 111 was one of dozens of components in the snail venom that are each targeted specificallly against different molecules of the prey nervous system."

(ambience) Electrical Activity of Nerve Cells

The venom's components are tested by applying them to human nerve cells under a microscope, and then measuring the electrical response.

"We've relied on a time honored tradition in pharmaceutical science, that is, using natural products as a source for novel drugs. SNX111 was isolated along with many other components of the snail venom because we knew that all of those components would suppress the activity of the nervous system, and that we felt had great medic

Pharmaceutical benefit... The world's medicine chest is filled with drugs that have been derived from plants, animals and microorganisms. SNX 111 is just another one of those. A new drug could come tomorrow from a pond in your back yard or a tropical rain forest or the coral reefs where cone snails exist, for instance. There's no way to know that. The only way we can maximize the potential for new drugs coming from these exotic sources is to preserve as many of these ecological niches as possible."

Pulse of the Planet is presented by DuPont, makers of better things for better living.

Program #1226 SNAIL MEDICINE - Pain

The venom of ocean-dwelling cone snails is the source of a new kind of pain killer that researchers say is 1,000 times more potent than morphine. I'm Jim Metzner, and this is the Pulse of the Planet.

(ambience) Drug Being Applied

That's the sound of the drug, called SNX111, being applied to human nerve cells under a microscope. The cells are activated with electrodes to mimic their activity in the human body. "What we see with the effect of the drug is just what one would see on nerve cells when the nerve cells are still inside the body, that is, a suppression of activity that would correspond to a suppression of the pain signals that occur in the nervous system."

George Miljanich is the director of biochemistry at Neurex in Menlo Park, California.

"SNX111 appears to have at least two main advantages over current treatments for pain, for example. First of all, it can treat many kinds of pain that are not treated currently by any known drug, including morphine and the other opiates. Pains that come from tumours, joint pains, those are not very well treated by any known therapies at present. Secondly, tolerance does not develop to SNX111. With morphine and the other opiates, the body has compensatory mechanisms that make it necessary to administer higher and higher doses of morphine to achieve the same level of pain killing, until side effects become unacceptable."

The drug has been synthesized and is being tested on patients suffering from severe pain. "We've seen dramatic pain relief in AIDS patients, cancer patients. This certainly could be expanded to post operative pain and other pain syndromes, and without the severe side effects of the currently available treatments such as morphine, and the other opiates."

Pulse of the Planet is presented by DuPont, makers of better things for better living.


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