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European clinical trials of Ziconotide (SNX-111) for severe pain

Source: Neurex announces Third Quarter 1997 Financial Results. Thursday, Nov. 6, 1997

The pivotal studies for SNX-111, which now has been granted the approved generic name Ziconotide, are nearing the completion of patient enrollment. This will allow the assembly of an NDA which the Company hopes to file in mid-1998. Additionally, the Company reported that during the quarter it initiated pivotal European clinical trials of Ziconotide for severe pain.

Neurex Corporation is developing products for acute care, principally in the area of cardiorenal and neurological disease. Ziconotide is in the final stages of Phase III human trials for analgesia and  Phase III trials have been initiated for head trauma. Both CORLOPAM and Ziconotide have potential in multiple indications. The Company's strategy is to discover, develop and commercialize   its products for acute care treatment in hospital settings, such as emergency rooms, intensive care units and pain clinics.

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